Five things to know when shopping for hardwood floors

Let’s face it: There’s nothing so warm, rich, and elegant as a hardwood floor. It’s not only stylish, but a wood floor will go with any decor, whether you prefer a classic or contemporary look.

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Things you should know


  • Hardwood comes in two versions: solid and engineered. Both are real wood and will add value to your home. Solid is one species all the way through, and can be damaged by excess water. It’s somewhat limited as to where it can be installed, and is never recommended for use in bathrooms or below-grade rooms.

Engineered has a layered, crisscross construction, comprised of real wood and some other products. As a result, it’s more stable and can handle water better, but still wipe spills immediately and don’t submerge it in liquid.

  • There are three basic tones.Lightwoods are airy and have a youthful, contemporary feeling, while dark tones can be a little more classic. Medium ones show off those quirky knots and raised grains.
  • They are durable and will last for decades. In fact, hardwood floors sometimes look even better with age. Just vacuum regularly, wipe spills right away, consider placing mats at entrances, as well as using some of those pads on furniture feet so they don’t scratch.
  • They add value to your home. First, if you install hardwood floors, you can recoup up to 80% of your investment, which will show up on your property assessment. Second, a home buyer will sometimes pay 2.5% over the asking price, because the floors do last for so long, and they will work with any decor.
  • You can change the color of your floors, even if it’s from dark to light. Just have them sanded and stained.Don’t automatically assume your hardwood floors need to be replaced just because they look scratched or worn. Scratches are often in the veneer, not in the wood, so a refinishing may be all it takes to bring them to their original glory. Check with your pro.


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